Complementing our extensive perception technologies catalogue we have a set of advanced localization technologies.

 Our localization software can be used with different sensors, such as LiDARs and GPS or fusing the raw information gathered by these sensors.



We apply our most sophisticated localization technologies, including LiDAR fusion, laser odometry, SLAM and map matching, to provide indoor localization with an error of less than 10 [cm].


Fusing our LiDAR localization solution with GNSS information using our data fusion algorithm makes the best of both technologies: GNSS data is used to improve localization accuracy in places with fewer map features and landmarks and to prevent the kidnapped robot problem.

Besides, laser information improves accuracy in places where the map has more features and GNSS higher covariance, or error, allowing twopi’s data fusion localization to be used in specifically difficult scenarios for GNSS such as urban canyons.